Train hard. 

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The Division of Firemanship is the training division of the Indy Emerald Society. We strive to facilitate training opportunities throughout central Indiana while promoting the Emerald Society’s charitable initiatives and upholding the fine traditions that have made firefighting a respected craft.

Mission Statement

To promote, enhance, and develop trade skills within the fire service.

Philosophy of Training

The ultimate goal is to conduct all training with the safety of the unprotected civilian, whom we have sworn an oath to serve, at the forefront.

With that as our basis, 

1.    A highly disciplined, motivated, and well-trained firefighter is the greatest asset on the fire ground

2.    Training should be relevant and street effective

3.    Training should be productive, not punitive

4.    Firefighters are to be respected and valued for the tradesman that they are

5.    Training should be as safe as possible while acknowledging the inherent dangers and risks associated with our profession